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Logic3 has unveiled a plethora of Ferrari-branded audio gear to get your musical juices flowing. The Cavallino collection, comprising speaker docks, earbuds and headphones, has a few standout members, the first of which is the above GT1 Air speaker dock.

Priced at US$775 and US$900 for the standard and AirPlay models respectively, the GT1 features 2.2.1 stereo speakers and a 6.5in sub pumping out 250W of room-filling sound. A concealed iDock, 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth streaming round off the stylish package rather nicely.

If the GT1s are a little too damaging for your wallet then the Bluetooth-enabled Scuderia FS1 speaker dock for US$500 may be more tempting. Featuring 2.1 stereo speakers and an output of 120W, it’s a tempting way to listen to your tunes in style without decimating your budget. An AirPlay version, the Scuderia FS1 Air is also available, for US$550.

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<span>$</span>500 - <span>$</span>900 BUY