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Got $50k to splurge on a new sports car?  Status Acoustics is hoping you'd spend it on loudspeakers instead. Status Acoustics, a Utah based manufacturer of high-end speakers and audio gear, this week unveiled their new flagship tower speakers in their Venetian Hotel suite at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The new speaker is named the 8T and it is Status Acoustics most radical design yet, incorporating a two-piece design that places the midrange and treble cabinet floating above the bass cabinet. If you look at the speaker dead on, the top cabinet actually appears to be suspended in mid air. The oval shaped top cabinet hovering over the triangular shaped bottom cabinet gives the speaker an almost phallic aura to it. Personally, it looks like a giant guitar. I think it would look stunning if Status Acoustics could figure out a way to make a grille cover with the appearance of guitar strings without hampering performance by causing unwanted diffraction.

If you want Ferrari level performance in a loudspeaker, the Status Acoustics 8T seems to offer it at Corvette pricing!

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