CRD BMW R100 Small_uye0cw5ciie1h2czxjlppkqchinpsit6ffvhwohdug_bmw Small_uye0cw5ciie1h2czxjlppkqchinpsit6ffvhwohdug_bmw1 Small_uye0cw5ciie1h2czxjlppkqchinpsit6ffvhwohdug_bmw2 Medium_uye0cw5ciie1h2czxjlppkqchinpsit6ffvhwohdug_bmw Posted on Wed, 17 Oct 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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With a total of six months building time the BMW R100 by Cafe Racer Dreams aka “Ruby Red” is the masterpiece of Spanish workshop CRD in collaboration with BMW expert MaxBOXER to give a complete build over of the original 1977 BMW R 100/7 and now stands host for a brand new 1040cc engine with added valves, a dual-plug ignition system with programmable mapping, Dell’orto carburetors and a custom GR exhaust.

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