Triumph x Barbour Speed Twin Small_bmxpmqlahq4itf980l0ftxkptzaivik9zehk7brha_triumphbarbour Small_bmxpmqlahq4itf980l0ftxkptzaivik9zehk7brha_triumphbarbour1 Medium_bmxpmqlahq4itf980l0ftxkptzaivik9zehk7brha_triumphbarbour Posted on Tue, 07 Feb 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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Designers Ray Norton and Tom Kasher have re-envisioned the classic Triumph Bonneville with a retro-modern concept called the Speed Twin. With help from Triumph and Barbour, the duo crafted a stunning bike based around a 865cc air-cooled parallel twin and used Barbour's signature fabrics on the seat and handlebar grips. Quite a shame that its just a concept, here's hoping that the public drums up enough interest to get the bike on the production line.

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