Vincent Perriard HYT H1 Watch Small_cxdppj6f8eaigbpn22y09foq4myiwaqiaoya7ljcfc_hyt Small_cxdppj6f8eaigbpn22y09foq4myiwaqiaoya7ljcfc_hyt1 Small_cxdppj6f8eaigbpn22y09foq4myiwaqiaoya7ljcfc_hyt2 Medium_cxdppj6f8eaigbpn22y09foq4myiwaqiaoya7ljcfc_hyt Posted on Sun, 15 Jan 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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A new concept watch has been built which is the first ever to combine both mechanical and liquid engineering. The new concept watch has been created by master watch maker Vincent Perriard & Co and is called the HYT H1 and comes with the hefty price tag of $45,000, with a titanium case.

The unique mechanics of the Vincent Perriard & Co’s HYT H1 uses liquid-driven pistons as well as gears to tell the time. The Pistons in the movement move the bellows, which then push green fluorescein liquid around the dial to indicate the time.

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