Janus Halcyon 50 Small_tnuhx9o5khqhlmaj7k38gnxk1octvy9ruhm2m7ak8_janus Small_tnuhx9o5khqhlmaj7k38gnxk1octvy9ruhm2m7ak8_janus1 Small_tnuhx9o5khqhlmaj7k38gnxk1octvy9ruhm2m7ak8_janus2 Medium_tnuhx9o5khqhlmaj7k38gnxk1octvy9ruhm2m7ak8_janus Posted on Sat, 01 Dec 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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The first product of a new bike manufacturer from Indiana, this Janus Halcyon was designed to look like a record-breaker from the 1920s or 30s, but powered by a 50cc two-stroke engine and feature includes a sprung leather seat and panniers, wide handlebars, and a fantastic, streamlined polished aluminum fuel tank. This retro looking machine is light and legally accessible to first time riders.

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<span>$</span>3,900 - <span>$</span>5,300 BUY