Mercier-Jones Hovercraft Small_qzsw49klqoh5girgtwplkxlpheiaf6hx6yjkj9aqo_hovercraft Small_qzsw49klqoh5girgtwplkxlpheiaf6hx6yjkj9aqo_hovercraft1 Small_qzsw49klqoh5girgtwplkxlpheiaf6hx6yjkj9aqo_hovercraft2 Medium_qzsw49klqoh5girgtwplkxlpheiaf6hx6yjkj9aqo_hovercraft Posted on Sun, 30 Dec 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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The Mercier-Jones looks like a rich man’s toy, and it kind of is, in the sense that it’s never going to be your primary vehicle unless you live on a sheet of ice. But it’s also dirt-cheap as vehicles go, with an estimated production price of $20,000. It’s also, as you can see, stylish. That’s really the thing: this thing looks superb.

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