e15 MARTOUB Drawer Humidor Small_dr1eyk13tdxjjdcefjrk30h3vx6tcs6cmwup2tips_humidor Small_dr1eyk13tdxjjdcefjrk30h3vx6tcs6cmwup2tips_humidor1 Medium_dr1eyk13tdxjjdcefjrk30h3vx6tcs6cmwup2tips_humidor Posted on Fri, 04 Jan 2013 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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The SB12 Martoub Humidor is mans other best friend. We’ve been known to partake in a good cigar here and there, but keeping them fresh is a challenge. The Humidor, created by Philipe Mainzer, is by far the nicest modern humidor we’ve seen to date. This stunning piece, designed as a complementary module for the solid wood sideboard, offers a climate controlled drawer that can hold up to 150 cigars. The interior is manufactured using Spanish cedar wood, polished brass, or a stainless steel tray. To top it all off, the SB12 Martoub utilizes an inbuilt hydro-case (electronically regulated humidifier), which ensures a well regulated and refined environment for your most precious cigars.

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