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The Swingrest draws inspiration from the Dedon Island resort, an outdoor living lab in Siargao, Philippines. Daniel Pouzet, co-architect and designer of the Dedon Island resort, was influenced by the extra-high ceilings of the resort's villas. The SWINGREST is distinguished by its environmental friendliness, simplicity and purity in concept.

From 20 years of experience as a leading manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture the SWINGREST from German company Dedon. With unparrelled products marketed to over 80 countries worldwide the story of DEDON begins in a hospital bed in Munich in 1990. Recovering from a devastating blow to the face, Bobby Dekeyser, a promising young goalie of the Bayern Munich Soccer Club, abruptly decides to leave professional sport to pursue his life’s true dream. “I just knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur,” he explains. “I started DEDON right there in the hospital.”

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