Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S Small_cxdppj6f8eaigbpn22y09foq4myiwaqiaoya7ljcfc_suvarna Small_cxdppj6f8eaigbpn22y09foq4myiwaqiaoya7ljcfc_suvarna1 Medium_cxdppj6f8eaigbpn22y09foq4myiwaqiaoya7ljcfc_suvarna Posted on Mon, 16 Jan 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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The Suvarna Bullion 24ct gold iPhone 4S is here to fulfill the wishes of those who desire to live a lavish lifestyle. The exclusive phone has both its front and back case crafted in gold and the rims are done in platinum. It has also been embellished in deep-engraved modern design inspired by traditional motifs from ancient cultures.

The delivery time for Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S taken by the company is 4 weeks after placing the order and each piece is engraved with a purity hallmark. The price of this classy gold iPhone 4S will sure burn a hole in your wallet or purse.

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