BMC Lamborghini Impec Bike Small_a6ekfhiajxvdde0ul3c4twmtildmjpeyqdfaqrtma_bmc-lamborghini-impec Small_a6ekfhiajxvdde0ul3c4twmtildmjpeyqdfaqrtma_bmc-lamborghini-impec-1 Small_a6ekfhiajxvdde0ul3c4twmtildmjpeyqdfaqrtma_bmc-lamborghini-impec-2 Medium_a6ekfhiajxvdde0ul3c4twmtildmjpeyqdfaqrtma_bmc-lamborghini-impec Posted on Thu, 21 Mar 2013 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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The BMC Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Impec Bike is just as expensive as a compact car, going for about $32,500. But with its steep price tag, you get ultimate exclusivity, with only 50 units of the bike made. It eatures a Swiss-made carbon frame, Campagnolo Super Record Skeleton brakes, bar tap and a saddle made from the same leather as the car’s seats, Continental Competition 22 tires, and an exclusive yellow and black paint job to help differentiate this machine from all the other world-class speed bikes in town.

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$32,500 BUY