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Like a bouquet of flowers, just way more useful and manly is the Man Crates. Pretty much Chuck Norris in a box, you will find no snooty neckties, no aftershave, or executive trinkets. There are a variety of packages sold by Man Crates, including ones for the: Carnivore, Beer Lover, Snack Enthusiast, Gamer, Athlete, and the Survivalist. Each package has a unique touch, like some jerky in an ammo can for the carnivore, a choice of your favorite ale for the beer lover, or even zombie killing knives for the survivalist. But make sure you're equipped to open the box when it arrives, because your goodies are coming by way of a wooden crate so crowbars might be necessary.

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<span>$</span>50 - <span>$</span>150 BUY
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