Kombo Fish Tool Small_oquevh6pmf8c2jrnbzznq5wxgfceiiiirxaafno9uxw_kombo-fish-tool Small_oquevh6pmf8c2jrnbzznq5wxgfceiiiirxaafno9uxw_kombo-fish-tool-1 Medium_oquevh6pmf8c2jrnbzznq5wxgfceiiiirxaafno9uxw_kombo-fish-tool Posted on Tue, 21 May 2013 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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Here's a great piece of gear for fishing enthusiasts who want to simplify their tackle box. The Kombo is the ultimate four in one multi tool that acts as a fish bonker, filet knife, scooper and sharpener. It floats, is extremely durable, and the bright green colour means it will be the first thing you see whether it's in your tackle box, bottom of your boat, or floating away should it unfortunately fall over board.

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