Defiant Big Easy Fatbike Small_cq8rklyaha8jxn1rmfxwbfrva8e8idcsftjql4fyiu8_defiant-big-easy-fat-bike Small_cq8rklyaha8jxn1rmfxwbfrva8e8idcsftjql4fyiu8_defiant-big-easy-fat-bike-1 Small_cq8rklyaha8jxn1rmfxwbfrva8e8idcsftjql4fyiu8_defiant-big-easy-fat-bike-2 Medium_cq8rklyaha8jxn1rmfxwbfrva8e8idcsftjql4fyiu8_defiant-big-easy-fat-bike Posted on Tue, 25 Jun 2013 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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We recently learned of a new kind of fatbike, with a USA-built frame and… an electric-assist motor! So, this isn’t the average fatbike as we know them, it’s purpose built for a different use/purpose, with some overlap. Thanks to Defiant Bicycles, fatbikes will have another user group, hopefully expanding the reach and interest of fatbikes and bikes in general.

To whom do they believe these bikes will have the most appeal? Here is their idea of the most likely user base: winter commuters in very very cold states like Minnesota, Alaska, Montana, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, etc. Also, the growing portion of the hunting community: those that like to bike into their spot. For the more “traditional” outdoor sportsperson category, this product holds immense potential.

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