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If you've ever imagined yourself flying at Mach speed, there's no need to fly a G6 when you can have a more streamlined solution. The Saker S-1 is a concept tandem two-seater capable of speeds of 1,726 mph with a climb rate of 14,000 ft/min and a service ceiling of 45,000. Powered by 2 Williams FJ44-4 engines, the S1 will consume 20% less fuel than competitor aircrafts, which means it is a "green-er" way to fly. The aircraft will have an operating cost of US$2 per nautical mile on the internal 500 gallon tank. Best of all, despite its looks, the Saker S1 will require no military training to fly. So now you've just got to ask yourself one question, do you have the need.. the need for speed?

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