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Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, the hometown of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, the VANDEYK Rapha Continental Bicycle is a 2-wheeler that reaffirms its lineage. Vastly different from modern performance bike, this collaborative bicycle is the result of hand-built craftsmanship and is a one-off creation.

Created with Rapha‘s specifications in mind, the VANDEYK x Rapha Continental Bicycle features frame made from Columbus XCr stainless steel in configuration of 38mm down tube and 44mm head tube. Unlike your typical road-racing bikes, VANDEYK added higher tire clearance, seatstays, along with state-of-the-art disc brake system and drivetrain, which resulted in a road going bike with elements of a cyclocross frame.

So much care was taken with this bike that the creators each took time to sign their name on the frame of the bike as a testament to their work. Though this one-off production is not available to the public, the same guiding principles carry throughout VANDEYK's other creations. You can build your own customized bike through their online store.

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