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Chilling with your Aunt Ida might be one of the most boring things known to man, but you don't have to keep looking at your watch do you? Afterall, do you really want to break her frail little heart when she sees you checking your watch all the time? Well, if you can FEEL THE TIME then she won't know that you keep checking it, and maybe her will to live will still might be in tact. Just short of being a full-blown Braille watch, the Bradley is a unique timepiece that lets you feel the time thanks to the absence of classical watch hands. Instead they are replaced by two ball bearings – one for minutes on the watch’s face and one for hours on its side – that slowly make their rounds, guided by magnets within the timepiece’s movement. Using the Bradley is intuitive for both blind and sighted people alike, plus it runs on a precise Swiss Quartz movement for years on a single 371 button cell battery and features sleek titanium body that’s waterproof to 50 meters.

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