Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone Small_dmqzjw5lq2yfrq9d6qhmfxaeolb8zghy6hylgirl9ta_scratchshield Medium_dmqzjw5lq2yfrq9d6qhmfxaeolb8zghy6hylgirl9ta_scratchshield Posted on Wed, 18 Jan 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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Well hey there, butterfingers. Do your smartphone cases often slip from grip, hitting the deck and resulting in a bevy of tiny nicks that leave you self-conscious about your inability to maintain a firm grasp? Well, Nissan (yes, that Nissan) may just have an answer, in the form of a self-healing iPhone case. Naturally, the Scratch Shield -- which we first heard of back in 2009 -- protects your device from garnering unwanted blemishes, but it also features a polyrotaxane-based finish that helps maintain the case itself, covering over small scratches in as little as an hour.

Nissan will be test-driving some prototype Scratch Shield iPhone cases this year, and is considering a commercial launch later in 2012. No word on how pricing might compare to a regular iPhone shell.

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