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British automaker Jaguar has debuted the C-X17 sports crossover concept, their first-ever sports crossover concept at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show that features an all-new technically advanced aluminum unibody platform. The new modular and scalable vehicle architecture will form the basis for the range of future Jaguars; the system enables flexible high-volume production while allowing creative design freedom in both the exterior and interior configurations.

At 4,718mm (185.7") long and 1,649mm (64.9") tall, the four-seater sports CUV shares design traits with Jaguar's current range. For instance, the grille is an evolution of the Jaguar XJ front end, while the sculptured shoulders draw reference from the F-type sports car. A low-sitting stance and overall profile combine with 23-inch alloy wheels to give the C-X17 an aggressive presence, while the LED headlamps, J-shaped running lights and frosted-glass foglights set into the large front intakes to define the front end. The interior of the C-X17 features four individual bucket seats; a unique roof features contoured vanes that provide a full 'elliptical' panoramic view. In addition, two rear-mounted leisure seats incorporated in the cargo area floor swing out for recreational use.

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