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Like all tech lovers, we have grown to appreciate aluminum as a symbol of tech, but that is not to say we don’t appreciate things outside of the norm, such as this awesome Orée Touch Slab. crafted from a single piece of premium maple or walnut wood, the Orée Touch Slab is the natural take of the trackpad that you know, supporting both simple and advanced multitouch gestures such as one finger drag, two finger tap, three finger pinch out and more, and also doubles as a numerical keypad. compatible with both Mac (OS X or later) and Windows 7 or 8, this classy trackpad runs battery power and connects to your computer via Bluetooth. extra touch of personalization is also possible, though as of now, only two designs, namely Woodland by Nia Delfau and Empreintes by Emmanuelle Sans, are available at no extra cost.

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