Artphere Entrepreneur Briefcase Small_fzptwvlw0dsreii1jrx8y6gmmotelwou8crnt5fjpk_artphere Small_fzptwvlw0dsreii1jrx8y6gmmotelwou8crnt5fjpk_artphere-1 Medium_fzptwvlw0dsreii1jrx8y6gmmotelwou8crnt5fjpk_artphere Posted on Fri, 20 Sep 2013 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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Whether you’re self-employed, helming a start-up, or the head of a major corporation, every second of your day counts toward success. Don’t let disorganization derail your schedule; get down to business with the Entrepreneur Briefcase from Artphere. This highly durable piece of work gear is perfectly sized for holding multiple essentials such as an iPad, notebook, documents, and much more.

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