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By now, the negative effects of sitting at a desk for hours each day have been thoroughly documented, and nearly every office has its prominent figures who swear that standing keeps them alert and attentive while they're working. It seems as if most people would benefit from a taller desk, but many are reluctant to make such a drastic switch. That's why Stir, Inc. is offering a high-tech middleground with its upcoming Kinetic Desk. Using a built-in processor and motorized legs, the Stir Kinetic Desk can quietly adjust its own height throughout the day to help people stay focused and burn a few extra calories in the process, almost like a subtle piece of workout equipment.

The Kinetic Desk's motions are controlled with a 4.3-inch color touchscreen located in the front left corner, and its automated risers can be set to active or passive modes with a button on the front. After setting their most comfortable heights for both standing and sitting, users can program the desk to rise for a specific percentage of the time while they're working. In active mode, a built-in sensor will detect when a person begins using the desk and will automatically begin a regimen aimed at keeping them active and focused.

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