Lazerwood Beats Headphone Skin Small_xv21sluamtinhdn1zjoe0ajcxdzt2a3xu5lhai0hm_lazerwood Small_xv21sluamtinhdn1zjoe0ajcxdzt2a3xu5lhai0hm_lazerwood1 Medium_xv21sluamtinhdn1zjoe0ajcxdzt2a3xu5lhai0hm_lazerwood Posted on Mon, 05 Mar 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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The original Beats headphones have never been the best looking over ear headphones ever made. They purely became popular, with their highly priced tag, because of the branding and how many music artists used them in their music videos. The plastic does look pretty cheap (feels cheap too) but Lazerwoods have got an answer. They offer lovely wooden skins for your headphones simply go over the plastic. These skins are made from real wood so quality is not being missed here. Every skin will have a different grain and will give your headphones a lot more of a classy look.

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