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Many companies today have remote workers all around the world, and iRobot Corp. is looking to bring those remote employees a little closer to the office.

iRobot and Cisco worked together to create iRobot Ava 500, which is a video collaboration robot for the enterprise. It aims to allow remote workers to not only be present at meetings and office collaborations, but also move about the office without much effort.

The iRobot Ava 500 uses Cisco’s TelePresence EX60 personal video endpoint, and has the EX60’s 21.5-inch HD resolution screen on top of a mobile robotics platform. It also utilizes Cisco's Aironet 1600 Series wireless access points for enterprise-grade security.

The iRobot Ava 500 works like this: a remote worker uses an iPad interface to choose their destination within an office, such as a particular meeting room. Once selected, an iRobot Ava 500 automatically leaves its charging station and travels to the desired location. The user doesn't have to steer or direct the robot in any way; its built-in maps allow for autonomous navigation.

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