Sony a7 & a7R Camera Small_iplzske58brwzp8xq4ubyd0lkkwrxdxkwmazi1o648_sony-a7 Small_iplzske58brwzp8xq4ubyd0lkkwrxdxkwmazi1o648_sony-a7_1 Small_iplzske58brwzp8xq4ubyd0lkkwrxdxkwmazi1o648_sony-a7_2 Medium_iplzske58brwzp8xq4ubyd0lkkwrxdxkwmazi1o648_sony-a7 Posted on Mon, 21 Oct 2013 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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Sony has just introduced two new revolutionary cameras—the a7 and the a7R — and with them have entered a new arena of digital cameras that has, until recently, only been alluded to: full-frame mirrorless digital cameras. Stemming from several past cameras, the new a7 and a7R mesh a wealth of technology from Sony's line of Alpha SLTs and their NEX mirrorless cameras, and present two mirrorless cameras that feature full-frame sensors along with a host of connectivity-related assets and performance-enhancing tools to render a truly professional-grade camera that is equally as portable as it is powerful. Complementing the two new bodies are three Zeiss-designed lenses: two primes and a versatile wide-angle-to-portrait length zoom, which mark the beginning of full-frame-compatible Sony E-mount lenses.

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