MiiR Insulated Growler Small_hdlf23ejlmvteoqlzgshjvzyosonqhweflldhwvr8_miir-growler Small_hdlf23ejlmvteoqlzgshjvzyosonqhweflldhwvr8_miir-growler-1 Medium_hdlf23ejlmvteoqlzgshjvzyosonqhweflldhwvr8_miir-growler Posted on Fri, 08 Nov 2013 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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Although stainless steel growlers already exist, they are not without their problems. As most come with screw on lids, you may quickly find carbonation escaping from your favorite IPA out the threads over time. The new MiiR Growler uses a unique lid that not only prevents leaks and grime buildup, but also looks classic at the same time.

Many beer and coffee enthusiasts are looking to make the move to stainless steel growlers as the glass containers offered by most breweries or cold brew coffee makers have three main drawbacks. The vessels let light in, which can ruin the taste of your craft brewed beer, the glass can break, making them not so trail or park friendly, and most of all, the glass growlers do nothing to keep your beer or coffee cold.

Enter the insulated stainless steel growler. To combat the carbonation problem with most screw top lids, MiiR created a flip top threadless style lid that eliminates leakage and any possible grime buildup.

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