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The SH Sleeping Bag takes it one step further, literally. Sleeping bags are good for sleeping, but how many times have you woken up to a freezing morning in the mountains? I’m not sure about you, but we have trouble enough waking up some mornings, let alone throwing on some cold clothes to get the day started.

Alite Designs have taken the sleeping bag and thought outside of the bag! First, they have introduced zippers to either side of the bag, as well as down the center. With these simple additions, they’ve made a sleeping bag that is much more functional. You can now get up early with warmth and comfort and even take a leak. Second, Alite Designs have included straps at either sides of the legs that let you slide your feet in, making this a mobile masterpiece. Good to -20 Celsius, the SH, also known as the “Sexy Hotness” sleeping bag can be combined with another SH bags for “whatever” suits your needs, and I’ll leave that up to your imagination…

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