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The UE Boom is about the size of a large beer can, like Foster's or Bitberger. It's a 7.2-inch cylinder measuring 2.5 inches in diameter and weighing 1.2 pounds, small enough to tuck into a bag and just wide enough to stand up securely (or, if you have an S-hook or some string, you can hang it like a lantern from a metal D-ring on its end). It's covered in a water-resistant mesh and its exposed casing is a hard, sturdy rubber. The speaker is available in multiple color combinations, including a white-rubber-and-red-mesh version that makes it look like a Libratone Zipp without the cashmere or the nearly half-grand price tag.

Controls are minimal, with large volume controls sitting on the side of the speaker, and a recessed power button sitting on the opposite end from the D-ring. The only other button is a small Bluetooth pairing button right next to it; it easily puts the speaker in Bluetooth pairing mode when pressed. The speaker makes a loud bongo drum sound when turned on, and a different bongo beat when it connects or disconnects to a Bluetooth device. The only other power indications are a power light built into the power button, and a flashing Bluetooth pairing light on the Bluetooth button.

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