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When exquisite aesthetics conjugate with breakthrough innovation, all that one gets to latch onto is an enriched user experience that paints the town bright. After sweeping many off the feet for decades and decades, Swiss luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre has just got something even more interesting to talk about. Pretty intriguingly, the world-renowned watchmaker recently joined forces with Hermes and Les Cristalleries de St. Louis to design the exclusive Atmos Hermes Table Clock – a 176-piece limited edition crystal clock that quite amazingly lives on air.

Featuring an appearance that looks more like a technical marvel than a clock, Atmos Hermes blends artistic craftsmanship with pure transparency for an ideal characterization. The exquisite timepiece is based on high standards and has rightly infused fragile vulnerability of crystal with the uncompromising nature of metal. In terms of its delicate yet distinguished fabrication, the luxurious clock integrates a crystal bowl that boasts of a unique movement designed by Les Cristalleries de Saint Louis.

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