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Reducing its size 35%, this is the smallest iRadar unit yet from Cobra. Pairing the radar sensing capabilities of Cobra Electronics and the visual display of the iPhone, you get a great blend of both with Cobra’s iRadar ATOM. Get signals far enough in advance to prevent issues with a visual explanation of what’s going on with your iPhone’s screen.

The small radar sensing unit (smaller than a pack of unfiltered cigarettes) mounts to your windshield with a suction cup mount. The unit then connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

Result of this connection is a visual map as you drive, with overlays to point out known speed traps, radar locations, moving police cars and traffic cameras. Your iPhone does need a cellular or wireless signal for the map to update as you drive. When radar is detected, you are given the opportunity to confirm a sighting if you see it, and then fellow iRadar users will get notification as well, should they be driving in your area. You also have the benefit of getting reports generated by others, all sent to the cloud and then relayed back to all drivers traveling in that area.

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