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For those who with concerns with their alcohol intake, we share this beautifully-designed portable breathalyzer from Lapka. Made from diamond-ground black ceramic, the alcohol monitor is black cylinder shape device that looks very similar to the Ploom PAX smokeless vaporizer (used for clearly different purposes). The Lapka devices connects to your iOS or Android device and provides a “police-grade” reading of your alcohol level.

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Preview_tqqswqu4rg8wvifynznat8a9ja9acefzyrcl8iaqa_lapka-bam-breathalyzer Lapka BAM Breathalyzer Preview_voio7nidq0f0fkpeptzd9q5ummys8aitm8nxvtnxwne_shotgun-flower-shell Shotgun Flower Shell Preview_j2joinajrdkfoqdjbu2z2qjvlwwx37sgk57fleyyg_cobra-iradar-900 Cobra iRadar 900 Atom