Deus Bald Terrior 1200 Motorcycle Small_dmqzjw5lq2yfrq9d6qhmfxaeolb8zghy6hylgirl9ta_baldterrior Small_dmqzjw5lq2yfrq9d6qhmfxaeolb8zghy6hylgirl9ta_baldterrior1 Medium_dmqzjw5lq2yfrq9d6qhmfxaeolb8zghy6hylgirl9ta_baldterrior Posted on Thu, 19 Jan 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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Deus continues its string of drool-worthy bike conversions with the Deus Bald Terrior 1200 Motorcycle ($TBA). Based on a Kawasaki W650, the Bald Terrior features custom 19- and 18-inch wheel sets, brake calipers, and rotors, one-off inch clip-on bars, a Vance & Hines performance exhaust, a PM Super gas air filter, custom length Ikon rear dampers, a Daytona electric speedo, and a hard black chromed fork sliders.

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