De Sede DS-80 Daybed Small_z5fd6obmrgb5cfinnllkkp1mcxa4zqllqovjtt03gws_daybed Small_z5fd6obmrgb5cfinnllkkp1mcxa4zqllqovjtt03gws_daybed1 Medium_z5fd6obmrgb5cfinnllkkp1mcxa4zqllqovjtt03gws_daybed Posted on Wed, 21 Mar 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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A slight redesign of a modern classic, the De Sede DS-80 Daybed is once again ready to enhance the looks of any room in which it's placed. Built upon an anthracite stained, satin lacquered solid beech frame, the DS-80 features SEDEX upholstery, covered in your choice of a wide variety of high-quality leathers. While it works fine in a minimalist guest bedroom, we're more fans of using it for double duty in the office, serving as both a comfy seat for guests and an impromptu afternoon napping spot.

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