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Lord Nut Levington is a fun brand of nut-based products intent on capturing consumers’ imaginations and taste buds. This unique line of highly-seasoned peanuts are inspired by Lord Nut Levington's experiences and flavor expeditions. The first peanut products ready for consumer consumption include five flavors: Rebel Mary, a fiery peanut with spicy Bloody Mary flavor and lemon, celery and pepper spices; El Cheddarales, a bold flavor profile of cheddar cheese and jalapeno; Mamma Mia, an Italian-inspired peanut of tomato, garlic and cheese seasonings; Thai Dyed, a thoughtful blend of Thai curry and lemongrass flavors, reminiscent of exotic Thai beaches, and; Cinnapplooza, born of the aromatic memories of hot apple pie and incorporating apple, cinnamon and vanilla seasonings.

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