Ducati Diavel Cromo Motorcycle Small_0bptyexb0jc0wgmduyt7m1iwpzodxmtato8ghxjo84_diavelchromo Small_0bptyexb0jc0wgmduyt7m1iwpzodxmtato8ghxjo84_diavelchromo1 Medium_0bptyexb0jc0wgmduyt7m1iwpzodxmtato8ghxjo84_diavelchromo Posted on Tue, 01 May 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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Maybe you thought you needed racing leathers or, worse, chaps. Or maybe you worried about looking like you belong in a Vin Diesel movie. But most likely, if you haven't drooled over and dreamed about a motorcycle, there's a simple reason: You haven't met the right mount.

Ducati's Diavel Cromo, which just made its first appearance on American soil at the New York International Motorcycle Show. The Diavel has become one of the company's hottest sellers since its introduction in 2010, and while the new Cromo has the same pedigree, its packaging is what sets it apart: sleek, low, long, wholly masculine yet free of douchey embellishments. The bike's name alone—which translates as "chrome devil"—should tell you what you need to know. With 1,198ccs and 162 horsepower, this model delivers the kind of muscle American riders crave with the styling and attention to detail that Italians demand.

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