Durex Last Longer Pillows Small_kghh7xekbq6iwbnuotbicrsimrhfcjsgbwflakjrdys_durexpillow Small_kghh7xekbq6iwbnuotbicrsimrhfcjsgbwflakjrdys_durexpillow1 Small_kghh7xekbq6iwbnuotbicrsimrhfcjsgbwflakjrdys_durexpillow2 Medium_kghh7xekbq6iwbnuotbicrsimrhfcjsgbwflakjrdys_durexpillow Posted on Thu, 10 May 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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Over the years brand like Durex and Trojan have become much more “in your face” about their marketing campaigns, and the latest offering from Durex does not disappoint.  The Stamina Pillow is designed to help men from reaching the finish line before their lady partner, and they do so by displaying some rather gruesome looking women on the pillow cases. The Stamia Pillow helps promote Durex’s long standing mantra of “Last Longer.”

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