Fuel Bespoke BMW R100 Small_p9jowieqnci2n6r41urtlrn4kllvw5rebvtmrxk1zw_bmwr100 Small_p9jowieqnci2n6r41urtlrn4kllvw5rebvtmrxk1zw_bmwr100a Small_p9jowieqnci2n6r41urtlrn4kllvw5rebvtmrxk1zw_bmwr100b Medium_p9jowieqnci2n6r41urtlrn4kllvw5rebvtmrxk1zw_bmwr100 Posted on Fri, 18 May 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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A surprise for retro motorcycle lovers. Spanish company Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles has come up with unique customization of 1981’s BMW R100 RS. Hardwork of several month includes entire change revision of rear and addition of a Vonzeti Café Racer seat. Lifted upward exhaust, true-blue Tomaselli flat-tracker handlebars and sleek BMW R90/6 tank has been replaced with original. With new Dunlop K70 vintage tires and, improved suspension BMW R100 RS has become a killer machine.

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