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When a motorcycle might be too much for your needs, the Stealth company has the answer with their electric bikes.  Coming in three different styles; The Bomber, Fighter, and Hurricane, the company has the right motorized bicycle for your riding needs. The Bomber bike is equipped with 4.5 KW of power with a 9 speed sequential gear for climbing any terrain.  The Fighter has 3 KW and 2 speeds for easily reaching 30+mph while the Hurricane comes in 3 or 4.5 KW output made for quick acceleration and hill climbing. These three bikes are fully electric, fitted with disc brakes, take only 2 hours to charge, are silent and have zero emissions.  So if you need to get there faster, try yourself a Stealth Electric Bike.

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<span>$</span>7,700 - <span>$</span>9,900 BUY