BRD RedShift MX Small_fe4z7pidrqqvrb8rfd3hmerdlhzlusltgrty4nb8cha_brd Small_fe4z7pidrqqvrb8rfd3hmerdlhzlusltgrty4nb8cha_brd1 Medium_fe4z7pidrqqvrb8rfd3hmerdlhzlusltgrty4nb8cha_brd Posted on Sun, 29 Jan 2012 12:00:00 AM UTC         
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Sure, you can take your pick of electric streetbikes, but sometimes you just need an eco-friendly motorcycle for blazin' the trail. BRD Motorcyles is now taking pre-orders for their RedShift SM supermoto (pictured above) and RedShift MX motorcrosser electric motorbikes. Touting performance comparable to race-ready 250cc four-stroke gas guzzlers, the pair sports both an off-road ready demeanor and a street-legal tame side. The bikes themselves will set you back $15,495 and $14,995 before you can start your motocross dominance. Should you so choose, a PD upgrade is available for an extra $2500 that includes a stronger subframe, uprated electrical system and integrated hard luggage. Still interested? Pre-orders start November 3rd, although the RedShift of your choice won't hit your garage until late 2012.

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